She was born in an artistic, non-conformist family in Rome and she grew up in a very creative environment. When she was a child, her parents chose to replace some of the typical childhood cartoons with Visconti, Kubrick, Pasolini and Fellini’s films. They took her to all the performances  of the Opera House in Rome for several seasons, explaining the plots to her, commenting the set design and costume s, teaching her to analyse what she was seeing and encouraging her to express  her creativity. Thanks to their education she has developed a strong creative predisposition towards the visual aspect of theatre and film.

In 2010 she graduated in Set Design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome with 110 out of 110 Honours Degree (1st Bachelor Degree in the UK system). From the second year of studies she started working in order to reinforce her theoretical knowledge with some practical experience. She started as wardrobe assistant in one of the most important costume atelier in Italy, Costumi d’Arte in Rome. She  worked then in several costume related roles for some of the most important practitioners of the Italian industry, such as Carlo Poggioli, Daniela Ciancio, Maria Rita Barbera and Marco Delogu. Throughout the years, she acquired extensive experience in costume design for film and series, music video and styling for advertisement and commercial. She had the opportunity to work for some major clients such as HBO, London College of Fashion, Air Canada, Moneygram, RAI (Italian National Radiotelevision).

In January 2015 she graduated with Merit in MA Costume Design for Performance at London College of Fashion acquiring a deeper knowledge and competence and challenging herself with unconventional materials and avant-garde designs. She is interested in combining different processes and techniques apart from traditional costume making. For example, using techniques originally belonging to special effects and prosthetics in theatre,  prop and set making departments.




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